We proudly present Why There Are Mountains, our debut full-length, produced by Kyle "Slick" Johnson, engineer extraordinaire, whose work can be heard elsewhere on Modest Mouse's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank and The Hives' Black and White Album. Here's what noted bloggers and critics are saying about us:

"Cymbals Eat Guitars... are pretty great. ...A smartly-instrumented, enthusiastic, powerful band to love." - You Ain't No Picasso

"Cymbals Eat Guitars better be damn good for making me sit through this!"
Well, they were. And then some. The two guitars, bass, and keyboards interweave to create a dense wall of sound that's mind-blowing in person." - Jim Testa, Editor of Jersey Beat

"They're new, fresh and certain to grab some attention soon. Think sweeping guitars, raging choruses and tinkle keys and you'll have a small idea of what CEG is all about. If you dig; Modest Mouse, Plant and Animals, Mendosa Line, Chin up Chin up, Blur or NYC's Grizzly Bear, The Epochs and Vampire Weekend, you should check these lads out!" - Bloggertronix

"There’s a free sample song from a band called Cymbals Eat Guitars, called Share, what else, that is rather good. Given the mention of percussion and string instruments it’s actually the brass that steals the show on this song, about a quarter of the way through." - Song by Toad

"Here's a classic-in-waiting from New York's Cymbals Eat Guitars. Even before I heard a single note I knew there was something special going on. Enthusiasm is half the battle in my book and these lads have it in spades. The fact that they can knock off slow burning epics like 'Share' sweetens the deal. 'Share' is a classic grower, only after several listens do the hidden layers and high creativity become evident. By the finish the swells of melodic sound prove a stark contrast to the ragged advance and retreat of its early movements." - Mp3hugger.com

"I’ll be the first to go on record saying that Cymbals Eat Guitars/Joseph Ferocious will end up indie famous within the year." - Charles Bissel, the Wrens

"...one of my new favorite bands." - Largeheartedboy